The Power of Collaboration in Product Development

Product development at Eventbrite is a practice centered around understanding what our customers need, so we can enhance current features or build new products. In order to achieve this, our product team collaborates across multiple disciplines throughout the company to ensure we’re thinking about customer needs from all angles.

Who is involved in product development?

Collaboration lies at the core of product development. We bring together knowledge and expertise from various teams in the company, such as Research, Product Analytics, Product Marketing, Engineering, Design, and Product Management. This enables us to make well-informed decisions about product improvements and builds that best serve our customers. The valuable feedback received from creators and attendees through our Customer Experience teams also plays a critical role in this process.

What is the product development process itself?

Our product development team collects data and information every day to understand how our customers use and interact with the Eventbrite platform. Our research team regularly conducts surveys and interviews with creators and attendees to gather direct feedback on what's working and what's not, uncovering opportunities and identifying key issues.

We analyze purchasing and engagement patterns on our websites and mobile apps, review direct customer feedback and app reviews, and conduct market research through customer interviews and surveys. We also evaluate past initiatives to learn what resonated with customers. Furthermore, we conduct competitive research across the industry and other best-in-class products to ensure alignment with best practices and identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation.

All this evidence is synthesized into clear product goals and problem statements that guide our development teams in working towards a common goal.


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